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Nico Greetham, actor on the rise takes MMSCENE December 2022 cover story with a shoot from photographer Mekhi Turner and exclusive interview.
Nico teamed up for MMSCENE’s cover story with photographer Mekhi Turner to capture our main December 2022 story. Continue for more from the shoot with Nico as well as our exclusive interview.
How did your acting career start?  I’ve always known I wanted to be an actor! Since I could speak I told my peers it was what I wanted to do, I just felt I needed to wait until I was in LA. Once I moved out here as a professional dancer and accomplished the things I wanted to as a dancer, I made the transition. 
What do you believe is the most challenging aspect of being an actor? – I believe the challenges actors face evolve and change depending on where the actor is in their career. It feels like a ladder of challenges; the more you continue to climb the ladder, the challenges you left behind on lower steps are replaced by others at the top. They are all relatives. All that to say, if it didn’t continue to push us and challenge us many of us wouldn’t do it! It keeps the artist alive. 
You’re pretty amazing in American Horror Stories as well as American Horror Story and Love, Victor! I love it! One is romance and the other horror, but which genre do you prefer? – Gee, thank you. I appreciate that! The two genres are vastly different so it’s difficult to choose one over the other. I really enjoy horror for the otherworldly scenarios I am asked to do but I also appreciate the romantic projects because they allow me to learn things about myself and about love that I can apply in my real life and vice versa. 
Who are your role models in the industry? – I’m really inspired by the actors that are my age and absolutely smashing it. I love to feel the community, as we should continually support and cheer each other on! It’s hard enough out here we might as well be happy for one another’s success.
How was the experience of working with huge names like Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep? Can you tell us some highlights from ‘The Prom’? – Working with those legends was beyond inspiring. Seeing them do their thing and be as amazing as you expect them to be was a dream. A highlight would probably be when everyone sang me happy birthday on set and spoiled me with love. It’s not every year Nicole Kidman sings you happy birthday.
You are definitely known as someone with a versatile acting talent. Do you have something that you want to be known for but people don’t recognize it? – I’d love to challenge the stereotypes and challenge people’s views of my work as an artist. I think it’s so easy to pigeon hole actors but what’s on the outside isn’t all encompassing of what is on the inside! I’m not actually a privileged jock, I’m a big nerd that jams to musical theater in his car haha. Another example is I am half latino first generation American. You would never assume because of my appearance but my blood is just as latino as the next! So to challenge the industry standards of what ‘latino’ should “look like” is a goal of mine.
When I finished watching ‘Dramarama‘ I just thought how much fun you had with the whole crew… what was the experience like? – Exactly that! So. Much. Fun. It was like summer camp with your best friends for 3 weeks. The amount of freedom and safety we had to play within the confines of the story is something I’m so grateful for.
What techniques do you use to develop characters? – Every project tends to have a slightly unique preparation process. I enjoy creating complete backstories, even if they aren’t mentioned within the project. It helps inform me where the character came from. Then I like to pull from my own life and see how much of myself or my experiences bleed into the world. I then get inspiration from other actors/characters I’ve seen in other projects and study them and I make a little recipe out of those ingredients!
Can you tell us something more about your future plans, goals and hopes? –  I know it’s strange to say because we live in a youth-obsessed culture but I am looking forward to manhood? I’m ready to step into the man I am going to become and let that inform my human and artist. I currently feel like I am in the transition of that and it feels exciting.

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